Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bad Pick-Up Lines May Get You An Electronic Baby Bracelets

Let me start off with saying that this study done by SpinVox does not seem very reliable to me. The study says that bad-pick up lines work and are still being used. For example, here are the top worst pick-up lines in the US:

  1. If you were a new sandwich at McDonalds, you'd be called McGorgeous."
  2. "Have you got a keg in your pocket, because I'd like to tap that!"
  3. "I've lost my number can I have yours?"
  4. "If this were a meat factory you'd be prime rib."
  5. "I'm like American Express, don't go home without me."
The research was conducted across 1,000 US residents between the ages of 18 and 49, using Facebook polls. They said that one-third of the women would spend the rest of the night chatting with a guy if he had a good approach. ONLY 7% said that it could lead to an overnighter. Even after a good first night, "15% of women would be too embarrassed to answer a call from someone with whom they'd previously exchanged numbers." (Meaning that things didn't go well and the women just didn't want to admit it!).

The next thing they say is that the majority of people prefer calling someone they met then texting them. (That surprised me, because the majority of people I know always text. It's easier to text than be on the phone with awkward pauses. Although, from a women's perspective, I'd rather get a phone call asking me out then a text message.* ADVICE: If you do get a date via text message, then for the second date do not text but call!*)

Here's the shocker! They claim both sexes look up their date on Facebook but that men do it more than women. (Thank heavens I have my security very high.) They suggest some basic stuff that you can ready the article for. Basically this study was done to get SpinVox publicity. Christina Domecq, CEO and co-founder of SpinVox says, "The many different options now available to communicate personal messages really seem to be making it easier for people to connect but on their own terms. Whether it's using your mobile phone to post on Facebook while on the go or simply leaving someone a spoken message delivered as a mobile text or email, SpinVox helps capture the moment and add that 'personal' touch as the recipient knows it was a spoken message." (Does that not prove my point?).

If you are lucky and a bad pick-up line gets you action then just remember to use protection.
Next thing you know, you will need this new electronic wristlet to control your mini-me. (I'm not saying you will be able to clone yourself into a little person. I'm talking about re-production.) Created by Petr Hampl, this device allows parents to send messages, alarms or graphic symbols to the solar powered display. (Maybe we won't have to have kids on leashes.) You can let kids run free but still be at your beckon call.

In closing, you can use pick-up line but everything comes with a cost. Make sure you don't end up with a baby on the way. If you do, make sure to get Petr Hampl's electronic wristlet.

I know the top picture has nothing to do with the post. I apologize, I'll try to work on that.

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