Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Livestation for the New Generation

What the hell am I talking about?!?! Where the heck has my technology blog posts been?

Guess what!?! They are coming back! The first thing I have to share with everyone is something that I was just introduced to today. A friend of mine suggested I check this out, LiveStation. I have a feeling this new software will change my life while living abroad. No longer will I feel so distant from American television. (Yes, I missed American television. Where I could waste hours on end finding reruns to watch). Now, I don't have to wait a day before I can watch my favorite sitcoms to be uploaded online! I can watch new episodes live online at the same time everyone is watching them at home. The best part..(drumroll)... It's free!
Who needs to pay for cable anymore. When you can have everything on your computer. I hate to say it but, Wall-E is coming true. We just have to remember to shut down the trusty computer and take a stroll outside. Speak to people in the here and now world. I'm starting to diverge from the topic.

Back to Livestation! You can watch MTV, FOX, CNN, and other major television networks from all over the world. People can add stations and rate the stations. The nice thing is that it streams clearly. (I'm starting to wonder why I have cable and what the purpose of having cable is). I think the only reason to not cut off cable television is because they don't have all of the channels I watch. (Especially Korean stations now that I am adapting to the society.) Once they have more channels, I think I will say goodbye to my cable and hello to computer television source.
This world is changing fast and I think I'm ready for it. I'll start by using Livestation and then wait for someone to invent a way for my computer to dispense food and beverages at a click of a button.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Posts on Korea are Moving!

I am moving my blog posts about Korea to another blog: www.carolyninkorea.blogspot.com

I will be writing entries there and keeping this blog for posts about technology. That way the blog keeps true to what is was started for.

I look forward to writing entries on technology again in the future. I apologize if the posts are not frequent enough and if I absent for awhile.