Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wi-MAX in USB for Wireless Freedom Everywhere

Motorola is launching a USB WiMAX Device called the USBw 100, the nation's first mobile WiMAX network. Flatley from Engadget say, the "thumb-drive-sized slice of heaven will be available in three flavors, providing high-speed mobile broadband on your 2.3GHz, 2.5GHz or 3.5 GHz network."

Not a lot of information has been released yet, but the company says to expect the product by the fourth quarter of this year.

For those of you that don't know the difference between WiMAX and Wi-Fi; WiMax can provide broadband wireless access up to up to 30 miles (50 km) for fixed stations, and 3 - 10 miles (5 - 15 km) for mobile stations. Wi-Fi is limited to about 100 - 300 feet (30 - 100m). (This is obviously a very big difference. I like to have more access than less, but that's because I am American. We like to have more.) Also, WiMAX allows higher data rates over longer distances.

I e-mailed the Media Contact Haas Kathi about the product and she says it will be suitable for use globally (my guess is that it will be released worldwide?) "It will be offered through service providers initially, some of whom may sell it online, but it will be tied to a service plan, not as a stand alone device."

I asked her if she believed this USBw 100 will revolutionize Motorola as a company and why? She said "the USBw 100 is one of several WiMAX-enabled CPE we've introduced, and is part of our full portfolio of WiMAX infrastructure and device solutions. We're pursuing 4G technologies (WiMAX and LTE) as they will provide the broadband speeds and networks to enable the delivery of the personal media experiences that today's consumers want.. whether in their home, the office, or on the go. "

Sounds excellent to me! But what do you think?!?!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I want to be an iBlogger, and you?

That's right! A company called illuminex has created iBlogger, a real mobile blogging for iPhone and iPod Touch users! iBlogger works with nearly any blog, including WordPress, TypePad, and MovableType, helping bloggers post quickly from iPhone and iPod Touch, anywhere, any time.

It's said to be compatible with Blojsom, Drupal, ExpressionEngine, MovableType, TypePad, and WordPress. (If you didn't see your blog hosting site there then DON'T FRET! . . . like I did.) iBlogger has optimized plugins for easy configuration and compatibility to: LifeType, LivingDot,, SquareSpace, TypePad (I thought we already did this one), WordPress (um...I know we already mentioned this!), Xanga (that is old school!), Blogspot/Blogger (that's what I use! To bad they haven't added picture posting yet.)

It can work with any blog engine that can connect to an iBlogger generic API type like MetaWeblog or MovableType.

The point is that iBlogger will be able to let bloggers take pictures, add their thoughts, tags, categories and geotag links on the go. (That means no more carrying around a laptop and taking up space in Starbucks. BUT it means I can blog while talking to my friends. Time to be a Pro Multi-tasker!)

If you are a mac user (like me!) and have used ecto, then you might just appreciate this new app that was based on ecto. "ecto, the popular blogging application on the Mac, is the heart of iBlogger, and it purrs like a V8 motor." said Gary W. Longsine, illumineX CEO.

So what are the features?

* easily configure a blog in seconds, with RSD (Real Simple Discovery)
* post your thoughts
* effortlessly include a picture from your library, or take a picture on
the spot
* automatically saves your post in case you get a call while posting
* categories and tags to promote your blog
* customizable standard signature
* one-touch geotag location link
* works great on WiFi, 3G and EDGE networks
* Secure HTTPS connections
More Information:

iBlogger is available for $US 9.99, from the iPhone App Store

Sadly you have to pay for the app, but isn't $10 worth the ability of mobility?

Delayed Posting due to Future

I never really get personal in my blog posts. I try to keep it to news and comments on technology but since I promised to never be delayed like this, I owe you something.

Here's the deal. I have been trying to do some soul searching or life searching. I haven't found a job or gotten an opportunity for full time employment anywhere. I have been looking into moving to South Korea to teach English for a year with ASK Now (Access South Korea Now).

I know this makes no sense to many people (it doesn't make much sense to me). So I made a mini-website with the reasons why I want to go, research, information about the job and moving there. The site is for public view at the moment but in the future I may make it private. It is still not completed because I am unsure as to whether I will be teaching at the school they offered me a position at or whether I will have the option to teach at a different school.

I am keeping my options open at the moment. If an amazing job opportunity presents itself soon then I may not go. For the moment, I have nothing keeping me here in the US of A. Unless you know something I don't know.

Someone once told me that "you don't have to start your career now. Whatever you do at this moment in your life will not define you or set you back from beginning a career." The one thing I have taken from reading, "Roadtrip Nation" is to follow your heart or passion. Take the opportunities thrown at you because you never know where they will lead you.

Please feel free to give me your opinions or comments.

Thank you for sticking with me and I will try to keep things figured out so there won't be anymore delays.

Seeing how this works

Haven't used this in awhile but thought Id try again

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Laptop Bags that Breeze through Airport Security

If you remember the post about the 12,000 lost laptops in airports statistic then you should understand why Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has been working with case manufacturers to create "checkpoint-friendly" laptop bags that can be passed through security without have to remove your computer.

They started allowing the bags in late August so people can protect their notebooks from being damaged, forgotten (really?!!?) and stolen (makes sense because of all the laptops that get stolen). If your wondering whether your bag will breeze through the checkpoints, then check whether it meets the TSA's criteria. The TSA has five official specifications for bags:
  1. A designated laptop-only section.
  2. A laptop-only section that completely unfolds to lay flat on the X-ray conveyor belt.
  3. No metal snaps, zippers or buckles inside, underneath or on top of the laptop-only section.
  4. No pockets on the inside or outside of the laptop-only section.
  5. Nothing packed in the laptop-only section other than the computer itself.
"To meet these requirements, case makers have come up with three basic bag designs: zippered clamshells that open flat with your laptop on one side and everything else on the other; double- or triple-compartment bags that unfold and lie flat like a garment bag, again with the laptop on one side; and simple notebook sleeves that either fit into a larger bag (in which case you'll need to take the sleeve out for scanning) or are carried alone. Many existing sleeves meet these criteria, as long as they don't have pockets or metal parts on the sides. "
Thanks to Beck Waring from Computer World's article, she lists eight of the best and latest TSA-approved notebook bags to cut the time spent at the security checkpoint.

  1. Aerovation Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag-The first checkpoint-friendly bag created for $129.95 is "designed to give the traveler access to files, pens, cell phone and media. There's also enough room for a change of underwear and toiletries."
  2. CODi Phantom CT3 - has many comparments and is 16.5 by 6.25 by 12.25 inches and 2.5 lbs. for $225
  3. Mobile Edge ScanFast Backpack - "hold laptops with displays up to 15.4 inches, cost $99.99. Most notable, however, is the ScanFast Backpack, also $99.99, the only such model we found. It holds notebooks with up to 17-in. displays and unzips to open flat for security. The padded notebook compartment is in the back, while the front half has several zippered pockets to organize your gear and reading materials. Overall dimensions are 19 by 14 by 7 inches."
  4. Pathfinder Wheeled Checkpoint Friendly CompuBrief - It has wheels for $149!! Unless you don't like wheels then you can buy it for $99. It can hold up to a 15.4-in. display and unzips to lie flat on the security belt. The Wheeled Checkpoint Friendly CompuBrief is 14 by 8 by 17 inches and weighs 7 lbs. Both have many compartments and zippers (like many bags do...)
5. Skooba Design Checkthrough - for $139.95, it has an inside clear laptop compartment that unzips to rush through the screening. Designed to hold 15-in. laptops, the vendor claims that many 16- and compact 17-in. models will also fit. Overall dimensions are 17 by 13 by 7.5 inches; it weighs 3 lbs.

6. Solo CheckFast Laptop Clamshell -Available in November for $50!! It's a very slim and efficent bag that holds a 15.4-in display and has padded safety with comparements.

7. Targus Zip-Thru 15.4" Corporate Traveler Laptop Case- Available in October for $99.99. It has "adjustable air cushioning system around the notebook compartment that helps prevent drop damage." Has many more comparemtents and holds 15.4-in or smaller displays.

8. Tom Bihn Checkpoint Flyer Briefcase- A favorite amongst travelers, this $220 case has three hinged compartments that fold up into a compact case. It can fit smaller overhead bins, expands to 18.5 by 12.5 by 7.5 inches, more than 10 compartments and "comes in three sizes for 13-, 15- and 17-in. notebooks, and doubles as a laptop sleeve, complete with handles."

I don't know about you but getting through those insane security checkpoints faster has got me booking a flight. LITERALLY!

[Via ComputerWorld]

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Paper Clips Have Feelings

These little added  marks of affection are paper clips with emotive objects emphasizing an emotion. Clip Language was designed by Mi-So Sim, and will help any person display their emotion by paper clip. (This reminds me of personalized stationary and colored glitter pens. I see little kids buying into this and some people that have trouble expressing themselves but it will only be a fad.

Let the paper clips reign! I only communicate via paper clips. How do you communicate?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Grow the Apple in a Box?

I never thought it was possible but now we can pre-box our apples! (I had to add the Apple logo because I felt it fit the logo.)

The Eco Box is "a concept to change the way we ripen, harvest, and deliver fresh fruit." The box is supposed to protect the fruit from insects and make it easier for apple pickers to pick the fruit and sell it. The reason the box has holes is to give the fruit air circulation which supposedly helps allow the fruit to ripen to it's fullest potential. The designer is Jung Hyuk, whom I had a hard time finding info about.

Why doesn't Apple get in on this. They could really help sell apples to promote themselves. It would be a lot better than the Burger King Apple Fries commercial!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Johnny X leads XPERIA

When did trailer's of TV shows become a commercials for mobile phones?!?! (I have to be honest, it is a great marketing technique and it caught my attention.) The new product being displayed in this cinema style commercial trailer is the XPERIA from Sony Ericsson.  

The trailer hit the Internet and it's only time before the phone hits. (The only thing I'm wandering is does the phone really save you, or remind you who you are? Does this remind you of product placement?) As says, "I won’t give the plot away but it’s very cool and I’d 100 percent pay to see this movie, if it were ever to come to the theater. Instead, I have to sign up to be notified when new episodes hit." 

To watch the clip, check it out at


Saturday, September 6, 2008

DJ Hello Kitty For Sale

The cost is $25 dollars and this  is the Hello Kitty Action DJ Speakers. I other words the little adorable kitty pretends to DJ to the beat of your music. (It sounds great and all but honestly I would rather have a Steve Jobs Action DJ Speaker or a GW Bush Action DJ Speaker!)

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I wanted to share with you that I have now bought an expensive MAC BOOK Pro and will show you the pictures of the thing!

This does not mean I have gone to the dark side. It just means I'm upgrading a bit. I'm still new to the Mac World but I am slowly learning so I apologize (once again) for the delay.

I have to admit that Mac's are easier to use and I have already noticed the time saving ability that has occurred. (Will I take over the world with my new toy?  I will not answer that.)

My question is, did I spend $2,167 wisely. Please let me know what you think.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

No Mess with This Desk!

Why have a mess on top of the table when you can hide the mess under the table! This table designed by Quentin Vaulot and Luiza Barroso for "creative professionals to store materials, notes, and tools underneath, the top surface upsets." Who wouldn't like being able to just stuff things under the desk?

What has the world come to?!? It looks like someone broke a table and then called it a design by putting hooks underneath the broken part!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Google Chrome Browser Download Mystery

It's just time before Google creates their very own computer or phone. There have always been rumors about Google taking over the world but this is getting them closer to that goal. They have created a new open source web browser project dubbed Chrome. The browser is supposed to be an open source that is stable, faster, secure, clean, simple, and efficient. Compared to the way browsers were created that limit the functionality that we use for them today.

The genius perk to Chrome is the ability to have "each tab in an isolated 'sandbox', we were able to prevent one tab from crashing another and provide improved protection from rogue sites. We improved speed and responsiveness across the board. We also built a more powerful JavaScript engine, V8, to power the next generation of web applications that aren't even possible in today's browsers."

They released a 35 pg comic book describing the product (if you are really bored and have the time, then you can read it.) In my opinion, they should have a press release or something short describing the product than a 35 pg comic book that you have to continue to click "next" to get to each page. I found this page that gives you a better insight into the product. (WARNING some of the videos no longer exist)

The BEST part of this release is that it was supposed to be available for downloading TODAY!! Yet, when I clicked on trying to download it from other sites the link would not work. THEN I found a link to download Chrome.
I have now started using Chrome and am not sure what I think about it. It does seem to work much faster but I do miss my Google Toolbar that had spell check and other wondrous tools. With every new service, product or tool there are pros and cons.

[Via Official Google Blog]

Monday, September 1, 2008

All Caught Up for Fire

I apologize for my absence in blogging. I wanted to give some of my readers some time to catch up in my posts and some time for me to straighten out my life.

I had a very hard addiction to the Internet (which I do not feel is a bad thing but some people disagree with me).
I just wanted to let you know that I am BACK!!

My job had gotten in the way of me devoting my time to you. Therefore, I suggested my company to get a robot to help them use Microsoft Excel. For some reason, I am an EXPERT at Excel. (It's called online training)

I'm ready to face the fire and buy a MacBook Pro!!! Time to focus on this little blog and build something beautiful so don't worry. I'm coming at you full force and with fire!