Monday, September 1, 2008

All Caught Up for Fire

I apologize for my absence in blogging. I wanted to give some of my readers some time to catch up in my posts and some time for me to straighten out my life.

I had a very hard addiction to the Internet (which I do not feel is a bad thing but some people disagree with me).
I just wanted to let you know that I am BACK!!

My job had gotten in the way of me devoting my time to you. Therefore, I suggested my company to get a robot to help them use Microsoft Excel. For some reason, I am an EXPERT at Excel. (It's called online training)

I'm ready to face the fire and buy a MacBook Pro!!! Time to focus on this little blog and build something beautiful so don't worry. I'm coming at you full force and with fire!


Big Papa said...

I know you have been doing alot of Gadget type stuff.. but!

Check this out.

Google Chrome - It is released TOMORROW!

Carolyn said...

Thats exactly what I blogged about and I JUST read your comment! You must really know how my brain works!