Saturday, January 26, 2008


Blame it on Vista to destroy the hard drive of a two month year old laptop. My baby (laptop) was fine until one day the whole thing crashes. The only conclusion I could find was that Vista’s weaknesses caused my lap top to self-destruct. Vista came out in 2007 which is after the book "Naked Conversations” was published by Scobel and Israel. The authors comment that consumers’s view of Microsoft has changed and improved. I have a hard time believing this.

The majority of people I speak to have expressed great annoyance with Microsoft. The company seems to find difficulty in creating a product that works.

The majority of consumers prefer Windows XP than the new Vista for obvious reasons. I bet the author is wishing he could kick himself in the head

When Microsoft came out with XP(many years ago) they had a couple of glitches and issues. It took them a couple years to create all the patches to fix then problems. The problem is, Microsoft is competing so they have to put out their product before it is fully developed. I believe consumers should wait a couple years and then buy Vista. Or . . . buy a Mac.

How many people have had these bad experiences
with Microsoft or any experiences? Have I gone mad in my belief that they have
lost sight of the consumer’s wants and needs?


Kendra said...

This particular problem reminded me of my computer in high school. My school had us all basically "rent" a computer for the year because we would use them in every class. However we used Macs. Near the end of my high school career Apple had just introduced OS X. I suppose this was more a problem made by my school because they had installed that software, but we had the color iBook's and they couldn't handle the software. This caused the computer to slow down and caused problems with other programs.

Also, people were just beginning to use Microsoft applications on Mac computers and I personally found them rather annoying because I was used to AppleWorks, an Apple applicaton, and found Microsoft very confusing. I think Microsoft has come a long way in getting users to adapt to their software and programs, however now that everyone is used to it all, I agree that they need to be sure the software is rid of any weaknesses before releasing it to the public.

Timur Khalif said...

I agree with the fact that Microsoft needs to work on the flaws of its software. I believe this is due to our technoligical rush where we are more advanced then we need to be. Microsoft was simply trying to make the most advanced version of the program and didnt realize that maybe we are not ready for it yet.

I have had Microsoft program for as long as I had a computer. Now when I got a new computer, everything was new and updated and I had Vista. My computer worked terribly and there were so many problems that I down graded back to XP.

Deepak Shahani said...

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Deepak Shahani said...

Many of my friends were telling me to avoid getting vista when buying a new computer. However, most computers had vista already installed. I thought it couldn't be that bad, as I don't play a lot of online games, use graphic design programs or other programs which may use a lot of RAM.

When I got my new laptop I started to realize the problems they were talking about, namely that the operating system took 20GB of hard disk space, which is unbelievable. I felt it was a very slow operating system and my old computer was much more efficient in opening up programs.

I feel this is a major setback for Microsoft, as many people were preferring it to Apple, and that is why Apple was having the dual system of Windows and Mac OS.

It just shows that the dynamics keep changing and in the world of computing, you can't rely on a single company indefinately for your computing needs.