Sunday, February 3, 2008

Customization 2.0

Imagine the sweater being hot pink and minus a hoodie. This is what I receieved for Christmas about two years ago when everyone had to have monogramed apparel. It was a fad that luckily died out. The new trend . . .

Customizing and personalizing your own shoes. NikeID has created a "public NikeID Studio/boutique" that started from their successful online business. An article in BusinessWeek describes it as "a place where anyone can custom-design Nike shoes." This is very similar to the My K-Swiss but the difference is Nike has a real world store in which you can buy the latest designs or create your shoes to purchase. This remind anyone of build-a-bear? The only difference is with build-a-bear you walk out of the store WITH the product you created.

After visiting, I realized the positives and negatives of the business. Consumer designed products would have less consumers complaints or purchase returns. Although, as a consumer, I would like to complain that they didn't have what I wanted and neither could I create it. They have created a line of shoes that are to resemble your "school pride." The only provide six school logo choices and you can not upload your own school logo. If they could fix this issue then I might be interested in buying a pair myself. BUT my other problem is it takes up time. They say, "time is money" for a reason. I don't have the time to sit and create a pair of shoes that I won't be able to wear everyday to work.

The last thing NikeID should be concerned about it gives people the time to change their mind. Part of society buys by impulse and intelligent marketing strategies like "BUY NOW!" After desinging a shoe the person may realize they don't need a new pair. Then they have about three to four weeks to receive the shoes in the mail and change their mind.

If you think about it hard enough, you're paying an extra cost for something to be personalized? I think I will stick to some sharpie pens that work great on almost anything! How about you?

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Kendra said...

As I was reading this post, I thought hey this sounds kind of interesting. I hadn't read the article about NIKEiD, but that sounds like something a lot of people would be interested in.

Then I was reading all your complaints about not having many options and I agree about not wanting to sit there and take your time to design a shoe. And the icing on the cake came when I looked at the link you posted there, where someone thought this was a great idea and that it was just under $120... No big deal, right?! Wrong! I usually don't want to go over $40 for a pair of shoes, so why would I triple that for a pair with my name on it or some random design? I agree, stick to a sharpie! You can get a 24 multi-color pack for $21 at Target and you would still be saving $59!