Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Searchin Gold

While being amongst my peers in my classroom, I learned about their secret blogger identities. I think it's time they are revealed to the world. I think they need to be noticed for their insightful posts and deep thoughts.

I came to find Deepak to be very interesting. He recently blogged about me in which touched my heart and soul. I really found his opinion on consumers buying products online to be enlightening. Maybe even thought provoking.

My second fav (or in english terms - favorite) is SnopBlog6 who seems to always have interesting titles for his posts like his recent post money money money. Other than his 1st blog but otherwise he has an earthy tone that seems very personal.

I hope you enjoy the gold that I found, and the real identities of my classmates. Sorry i couldn't post a picture of them, but they might be angry with me for that.

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