Monday, February 18, 2008

Virtual Reality vs. Reality

Where do we go next in these online worlds? If the majority of people turn to virtual worlds like Second Life and vSide then what will happen to the real world? Will we see only the hick towns or the Amish taking over? All I know is that virtual worlds will not be able to become reality for me. After reading Ellen Lee write in the San Fransisco Chronicle about virtual worlds , it got me thinking about the progression social networking. It seems that all virtual worlds are another form of social networking. The only problem is with so many virtual worlds being made, each site or world will keep users interested for a time period. After that, people figure out that there's more to life than a virtual world that will not help them lose weight while sitting in front of a computer or get married. In a virtual world you can not file your taxes or get married and create an offspring. There are limits to the virtual world and it's sad to see some people taking a virtual world to this extent:

My second concern is with the invention of MyCyberTwin then how do we we are talking to is ALIVE or REAL. I think virtual worlds like SecondLife will stick around for awhile but give it some time and in a couple years it will die. Unless, they are able to create a world where you can walking inside your coputer and become part of it! That would be nice, to have two world instead of one. Or am I overthinking this?


Kendra said...

Again, I'm going to compare this to the Sims. If Second Life or other virtual worlds follow the path of the Sims and other type of reality games, then they are going to need to keep updating the program to keep people interested, or otherwise people will get bored from it. My sister has been a collector of most of the Sims games and now she hardly touches it because she does other things that interest here. I think it will be based on if many people start using the program and if they are kept interested consistently.

Deepak Shahani said...

I think virtual reality is very different from actual reality, as you mention in your post. Although, feelings, emotions and experiences are real in the sense that we experience them.

Virtual reality is fun, but as you said, it has its limits and we should just appreciate it for what it is.

It is a great avenue to explore our interests and see what we can do in a virtual world. However we still have to keep our roots and live in 'real' world in order to sustain ourselves.