Sunday, February 10, 2008

Tech Spoofing

Who doesn't enjoy a good spoof? How many times do we surf youtube for something funny like someone making fun of company or person?


I have to admit the last techbrand spoof that I enjoyed was the I-Rack that made fun of the many different "I" products that Apple makes. "YouTubers Spoof and Mock Tech Brands" from made me realize how the jokes on techbrands seemed to be more popular than celebrity spoofs like Paris Hilton.

I love finding user generated media, authentic media because it gives the brand a more personal and comfortable feel. A brand needs to have a weakness and needs to be able to be made fun of. What brands or companies have not been mad fun of and have continued to prosper? Most companies that are being poked at tend to do well in business. Companies need individuals to make videos about their brands because it's "authentic media" that is being watched. It's knowing an individual spent time and effort to create the content, and is not being paid by a big company to produce it that intrigues users. For example, my favorite spoof on Halo 3:

I'm not sure if Halo 3 really takes over your life as this individual makes it out to be, but if it does, then I would have never known if it wasn't for this video.

How addicting is Guitar Hero now that you can play it on Wii? I find it addicting, but is it spoof worthy?


Timur Khalif said...

I completely agree. We all need laughs and so do top company officials. So, spoofs are definetly not bad nor do they harm a companies image. If anything they can help a company improve its products and make a more diverse line of merchandise. Plus spoofs give people something to do. While sitting at your desk at work, why would people not watch something that will entertain them and brighten their day? I personally love spoofs because they help my work day go by so much quicker. In addition, I sometimes even learn something from these spoofs about the company or product. They are necessary and do their job. I also love guitar hero and halo 3.

Carolyn said...

If a spoof makes a company's product look bad, then will it affect your decesion on buying the product?