Wednesday, April 23, 2008


The CompenionIf the iPhone could become the next lap tops then sign me up! After reading this article describe the future notebooks coming out in a couple years; I am ready to buy a new notebook.

All pictures were taken from ComputerWorld. The picture to my right is the "The Compenion" designed by Felix Schmidberger and is a sliding touch screen computer. For more details

Next in line, is "The Canova" A V12 design that has two touch screen displays with the upper screen being the primary viewing source and lower screen being used for typing, jotting down notes and drawing. This computer has the capability of being an e-reader. This computer seems like the new way for people to read books. Instead of opening up a traditional book, we are opening up a notebook. The other possibility that this computer is that you can create a digital piano on the notebook and play it.

We wonder how people can't see can use a computer when they can't see the screen. Jonathan Lucas from Long Beach, California has come up with the concept of designing a computer that is hands-on, literally. Siafu is for the blind and has no screen, it converts images into corresponding 3-D Shapes with oil-based synthetic material responding to electrical fields.

The next computer I'm about talk about had me worried at first, due to the possibility of creating a road hazard. The "Cairo" designed by Anna Lopez' Cario, is for the worker on the go.

This computer has a "microprojector that projects its images onto the vehicle's windshield. This heads-up display can show maps, video conferences and find the closest gas station." This might just be the computer that truckers are looking for. For people worried that it is a car accident waiting to happen, Lucas claims, " The notebook is connected to the [car's] dashboard so that Cario can only be operated if the vehicle is stationary."

The article goes on to describe the next generation of notebooks in 2015 to be using six core processors and a lot more data storage. The displays on most computers will stop using LCD screen and start using OLEDs organic red, green, blue LED backlighting for their screens. My favorite part of the future notebooks is the possibility of charging the computers via inductive charging. Fro example, "Rather than plugging a cord into the notebook to charge it, you just put the notebook on a special surface that has an inductive power pad, and juice is sent wirelessly to charge the battery."

This looks like the future to me. I'm really looking forward to buying one of these computers. Which one would you buy? Or do you think that the mac will come out with something better?


Deepak Shahani said...

I think the new laptops that you researched and have envisioned for the future are amazing. Its nice to see that technology is adapting for the visually impaired and they can help people.
I'm not sure about the laptop for truckers as they most likely want something that they can use on the road, instead of having to park the vehicle and then use the laptop.

Timur Khalif said...

I honestly was not aware of some of the technology you described. Those new laptops are amazing and I found it very interesting that you mentioned a computer with no screen for the blind. The evolution of technology is adapting to our needs and this is good for some but not for all. Not everyone will welcome this new technology with open arms, but that is because it not made for all even though it is accessible to all. Very interesting post, thanks.

Kendra said...

I had no idea about these kinds of computers. The one I thought was most interesting and innovative was the computer for the blind. I think that will be an amazing tool for the future. I know you mentioned the one for the car could only be used when the car wasn't moving, but the placement of it seems kind of odd and uncomfortable. I think it personally would be too cramped in most cars I've been in, unless they are adding room in the front.