Monday, June 2, 2008

Drive to Advertise, Internet Liscense Plates

A couple days ago I was driving my usual route home from school, when I couldn't help but notice the license plate on the car in front of me. Usually, a license plate will have some sentimental jargon that means something only to the 's vehicle's owner. This license plate had "DBASYS" with .com added as part of the design of the plate. I automatically thought it was advertising a database system but to my surprise the website leads you to a Spanish audio product and systems website. I couldn't help but think about how the Internet has become an intricate part of our society. We judge companies and business solely on whether they have a website and the quality of the site.
Another component to think about is what Steve Rubel wrote about in "Why Your Car May Soon Be Driving Digital Advertising." He mentions that GPS systems may "both send and receive data . . . Dash, for example, is integrating Web 2.0 crowdsourcing into its systems, allowing cars to send information back to the company to improve traffic calculations." This can be beneficial but at the same time it could backfire. For example, if someone wants an easy ride home from work, they may report traffic where there is in none. A system can not protect against itself against human error. Yet, we continually try to find ways to do so.
In my opinion, what we should be focusing on with cars is the ability to have cars run on something other than gas. If car makers haven't noticed, the one thing that sells with cars is the ability to use less or no gas. Is it better to buy a car with more features and luxuries or a car that runs on less fuel and saves you money?
You be the judge

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