Monday, June 30, 2008

Get a Personal Rollercoaster or Lego Gun

I couldn't decide between these two crazy inventions, so I decided to write about both of them.

First, for all those tired of having to use gas and travel to an amusement park. Just to get the thrill of a roller coaster ride. We have the cure. Evento's BuzzBall is "a single seat inside a large outer ball that’s able to spin and roll independently of the ball itself." The great thing about this is you don't need a steep hill or someone to push it. All you need is open space. It has two separate throttle controlled electric motors. One throttle controls the chair to spin inside the ball and the other pushes the ball forward. (I feel like this is the human version of a hamster exercise ball but without the excercising.) BuzzBall is not for sale yet but give it time.
Maybe this is the future of transportation! We can ball to work. If someone asks if you just rolled out of bed. You can say, "No, I rolled out of my BuzzBall." (What the hell am I saying? That was probably the lamest joke I have ever made up. I apologize for the lack of comedic humor.) I have to be honest. I'm astonished that someone has spent countless hours making a human ball to roll in. I don't want to be cruel but, how is this invention going to benefit mankind? I don't this invention helping our economy or curing cancer.
Second crazy invention to catch my eye is, the "Thriller Automatic" and "Thriller Compact" by German designer Martin Hüdepohl . The Thriller Automatic and Thriller Compact are "two designs for Lego crossbow pistols." The guns are almost completely made out of lego parts and instructions to make your own can be found in the designer's book called, "Lego for Adults."
All I see with this invention is kids screaming, "Save me!! He's got a lego gun!" Then comes the little kid gangs and shoot outs. We'll have countless child injuries due to the invention of the lego guns.
Once again, I am having a hard time seeing the real benefit of these inventions. They aren't making my life easier, curing diseases or cooking me food. Why don't we make the ball a vehicle to travel in and then turn the lego gun into an attachable propeller that I could use to shot at stupid driver's. (I'm not talking about hurting anyone, just people's cars. A lego hitting a car will not cause much damage, but hopefully get people to pay attention.) Anyone else have any ideas?


Anonymous said...

The hamster ball comment reminded me of that preview in walle.

that is all


Olly said...

inventions don't necessarily need to serve a purpose in terms of improving life for the human race. Sometimes it can just be purely for fun and I think I would like to be a hamster every now and again. I certainly have the cheeks