Friday, June 27, 2008

Who Needs a Sweety!

I think the right question is who needs a therapist or a friend when you could have a Sweety! This does sound strange and you must be wondering what the hell I'm talking about.

It's a gadget created to relieve stress. Yanko Design says, "Sweety is a virtual character who helps people understand where their stress is coming from and what they can do to conquer it in a friendly and cuddly way." The thing listens to your problems and frustrations, then determines the root of your problem with graphic patterns of color. If you are really stressed then it will "invite" you to play a game by "manipulating it's soft body." (honestly, that is what the site says. It sounds a little creepy but it gets better.) If that doesn't calm you down, then you can beat the thing to pulp (not literally). The designer believes "that’s WAY more than a human friend would let you do." (REALLY? All of my friends let me squeeze and beat them up when I'm stressed.)

The reason for this strange posting on some stress reliever is due to my stress of not finding a job yet AND having suicidal mice. That is correct. I am continuing to find dead and rotting mice outside my door. The mice try to get in and then die trying. Haven't they heard of failure or living for another day!

I think it's a conspiracy and all the mice are trying to play games with my mind. Maybe they die but come back from the dead to drive me crazy. They must be zombie mice or witchy mice. Has anyone had this problem?

Anyone know how to get rid of witchy zombie mice? They are taking over the entrance to my kingdom. I guess I need a Sweety to combat the mice OR calm my rage that I will take upon the mice.

Picture from Yanko Design


Olly said...

I would recommend a shotgun to get rid of zombie mice - like in Shaun of the Dead.

Carolyn said...

A shotgun could be dangerous and mice are faster than human zombies. It's harder to shoot them.

Thank you for the suggestion though.

Olly said...

In that case, my only recommendation would be a zombie cat