Saturday, June 28, 2008

NEW DANCE - The Phone Charger

A friend of mine thought it was important for me to share this nugget of news. How many times have you been out clubbing, at a concert or music festival and your mobile phone starts to die? There is no socket in sight and without a powered cell, how are you going to be able to phone home! You will be stuck in the land of music . . . FOREVER!!! (Just kidding. I was trying to make a joke). Anyway, the phone operator Orange and the firm GotWind have created a portable kinetic energy charger that recharges your phone when you dance called "Orange Dance Charge."

"Attached to the user's arm, they employ a system of weights and magnets which
provide an electric current to top up charge in a storage battery. This can then later be used to recharge the phone."

The prototype will be given a test run at this year's Glastonbury festival happening this weekend (RIGHT NOW! I can't believe I'm in the states blogging and not there. I think I REALLY need a time machine).

Finding another means of energy is always a good thing due to the rise in gas prices. If there was only a way dancing could provide energy to run a car, then we would be getting somewhere. The other thing that this new gadget could be good for is runners. Strap it on and start exercising, then produce enough energy to charge your Ipod or mobile.

Getting to the point, maybe this new renewable energy gadget can start a new dance move that will sweep the nation AND create a new source of energy.

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