Tuesday, June 24, 2008


My love for my GARMIN GPS has always been strong and faithful. I have only been angry at it once (this may be an exaggeration). The time it brought me to an empty lot where a Sonic Drive-In was supposed to be located. If you knew how much I love Sonic, then you would understand the pain it caused me. Yet, I couldn't put all the blame on the Garmin. It was partially my fault for not recently up-dating the software. I have always thought my Garmin trumped all other GPS devices. For example, a Tom Tom is complete crap compared to Garmin and Google has not created a GPS . . . yet.

Here is where the truth comes out. I think I want to cheat on my Garmin. I KNOW! How could I?!?! What am I thinking?!?!? Let me explain, I am a Geek.

Mio will be releasing a $270 Knight Rider GPS unit that greets and speaks to you in the voice of KITT. It personally greets you by name. Just choose your name from a list of 200 names programmed in the device. After that, plug in your device and drive.

What they need to do next is build the Knight Rider GPS into the new voice activated cars and then we'll be talking (that's funny! It's a pun and I didn't even mean it that way!).

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