Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Farming Made Easy

The USDA and MIT are working together and testing a new gadget. "A wireless headset, called the 'Ear-A-Round,' has stereo earphones that transmit sounds directly into the cow's ears to guide its movement. Powered by a small solar energy panel, the unit contains a GPS device to monitor a cow's location and movement." The point of this product is to give farmers the ability to monitor and control their cattle while sipping lemonade in their office. (I didn't know farmer's had offices!) It will help farmers attain better use of their land and "we can also find out what the animals do all day." (What do cows do all day . . . that is what we all want to know. I could make a guess. They eat, moo, walk around, relieve themselves and sleep. Any other ideas? Maybe they take time out of their day to plan world domination! Just an idea.)

The one thing I have against it is, if the sound cues fail, the headset will give a small electrical shock to get the cow moving.

Once we have this technology working, then what is purpose of having a real farmer? With more technology inventions to do certain jobs, means less needed human experience or skill to run them.
I apologize for the crappy picture but I wasn't able to use my computer for this post.

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