Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Join the Mile High Club in Bed

If you dream about flying or having sex on an airplane, then maybe you should get this groovy bed! The bed by MotoArt is made out of two DC-9 (passenger jet) rear stabilizers and a C-130 (military cargo aircraft) inner flap. Meaning they found another way to recycle aircraft and make money. The bed is named Mile High is 11' by 7'-6" and 4'-6" high. The best feature that will turn on all the ladies will be the red glowing internal LED lighting. RAWR! I think I'm getting turned on. The marketed slogan is "a wonderful playground for you and your co-pilot." I could see this being used in a re-make of Top Gun.
What I don't understand is why are people claiming this product is geeky. Geeky would be adding a computer into the bed or a gaming system. I would spend more than the supposed $35,000 for the bed if it had extra features like an integrated stereo system or a miniature computer system that has Wi-Fi. (That is if I had the money to buy a bed like that.)

Check out the slide show

[MotoArt via TFTS via GizModo]

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