Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Man's Best Friend Is MANVAN!

The idea that a man wants a pimped out sports car is so yesterday. The new thing is vans with extendable backs allowing outrageous amenities, as well as indoor and outdoor use. These vans are known as a MANVAN! A football loving man would be able to watch a big screen TV outside while having some drinks with the guys. The MANVAN will be fully customizable and easily accessible at the Manvan website.

The reality is that it has not been created yet. The Manvan was influenced by the NISSAN NV200 and designed by Ms. Aimee LoDuca. (I just want to say that this was deigned by a woman. Meaning that she came up with the idea while trying to find a way to get her significant other out of the house. If that was the case, then I would rather get out of the house and party in my sh-nazzy car!).

My suggestion is to check out the NISSAN NV200 because the similarity is unbelievable and when it comes out (which will be sooner than this car) you could use the van as an office on the go!

[Via Yanko Design]


Andrew said...

There have been some tricked out trucks that I think would work much better as ultimate tail-gaiting tools rather than this van. With a truck you keep the same basic shape and while you do loose cargo area you don't loose any of the seating or inside area or what makes a van a van. Now for guys, which one of us wants to have a van that they cannot proudly list to their friends the various conquests made in back. While a big screen tv helps I think it should be left to truck and vans should remain traveling bedrooms for those who don't want to take a significant other back to their mom and dad's house when they are 30

Anonymous said...

You completely missed the irony of the entire concept.