Saturday, January 3, 2009

Organization is the Key to Suceed

Friday was a great day. I taught five classes and I actually used the allotted time that I was given to teach. Usually, I have too much time left and have no idea what to do. I think I have now gotten the hang of this.

The reason as to why I succeeded on this day was because the Director of the Bolli Campus gave me a teaching guide and a teaching plan. Every week she said she will have one prepared for me. I will be able to write down any students that is a trouble makers or has problems in class. The teaching plan tells me what I am to teach and what the homework should be. ORGANIZATION RULES!

Also there was a girl who is in high school who came by (not sure her connection to the office) and she wanted to know more about me. I showed her all my photos on my computer and videos of my friends at parties from home. She really enjoyed that. She told me she wanted to move away from Korea because there are to many Asians. (I found that very interesting.)

My co-workers and I had dinner together in the office. They ordered Chinese food!

Afterward I wanted to go out but I was unsure as to whether it would be safe for me to go downtown alone. Grace said she felt it would not be dangerous and advised me to do so. I tried to explain why I had heard it was dangerous. How my friends told me that I would be raped. (I know this is extreme but this is what a friend of mine actually said to me!). When I told her this she looked at me with a confused look and said, "What is rape?" I was caught off guard and had no idea of how to try and explain this. After saying a lot of things that didn't make any sense, I told her "never mind" Hoping she would forget the word and my lame attempt of defining it. (Anyone have any idea of how to define or explain this word to a Korean!?)

That night I went downtown by myself which was not dangerous. I went to Itaewon Crew Pub a good place where some foreigners go. I ended up meeting a Scotsman named Andy and two Brits (Mak and Kirk). They have all lived in South Korea before but were new to Daegu. They teach English to adults. We met at Itaewon Crew Pub and then eventually went to Commune's. It wasn't to much of a crazy night but I did have a blast making new friends who I could relate to. For example, Kirk loves Coupling and sushi. I am looking forward to spending time with these gentlemen in the near future.

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