Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Pace is picking up!

Sorry for not posting for a week... It was a crazy week. I can't say that anything really exciting happened last week.

Things did get interesting on Thursday and Friday when I tried to finalize my plans to go to Japan with Will, Tim, Jill and Karen! Everyday last week, I tried to get a hold of them to find out where we would be staying and what the plans were for Japan. I finally heard from them on Friday afternoon through Facebook. Will and Tim made the excuse that they wanted to do a boys trip and had thought I was going with Jill and Karen. (I found this interesting since I booked a ferry to Japan online a week ago while I was on the phone with Will. My ferry was the same time as his!) Karen responded saying that her and Jill couldn't go because their visa would not allow them to go. (This later changed at the last minute because their boss gave them a tourist visa in which they could visit other countries.) In other words, I was frantically trying to figure out a way to either book accommodations to go alone or cancel my ferry.

There was a lot of confusion and what I ended up doing was calling my bank and telling them to let me know if I get charged for anything that has to do with Japan. Then, I decided to make other plans for my weekend. (I decided not to go to Japan because I did not want to be stressed out trying to make plans last minute. I would rather have things planned out and feel secure about going by myself)Instead, I went out Friday and met up with my British friends. That night I met a woman named Brandi who is also from Virginia and has been here for five months. She works at a hagwon (private school) but is also a bartender at Club That and Itaewon Crew. She is currently remodeling and updating the club. After chatting for a bit, we became friends and worked out a deal for me to help her re-do the place. (Nice thing to add to the resume). After meeting more people, I made plans to go to Seoul with the Brits the next day.
Sunday: I woke up late and packed all my things and headed to the train station. I was luckily able to buy a ticket at the last minute for the 1 pm train to Seoul. The trip took less than two hours and we were in Seoul! We checked into a hostel called "Inn Dae Won Guesthouse" which cost 15,000 won per night. (VERY CHEAP)

I'm not sure if I can relay all the events that occurred or how much of a character Kirk, Dom and Matt were. Let's just say that; Dom is like Mr.Bean, Matt is like Patrick from Coupling and Kirk is just kooky. Add all three together with me and you get an unforgettable weekend filled with bad english, KFC crime and old Korean women attacking you about toast.

Tuesday: We got back in the evening and prepared for the work week.

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Diane said...

Carolyn, why don't you find a tech thing in Korea to highlight in your blogs while you are sharing your Korean experience.