Thursday, January 8, 2009

A RECAP of the Past Week

I don't think I can give you a detailed account of this week. I can try to summarize and give you the highlights. I have been really busy...

Tuesday: I taught at the new campus (I don't know the name of it yet...) and it was close to the same day I had on Monday.

Wednesday & Thursday: Back to Main Campus! This time, the girl that brought me to the hospital and worked out my verbal contract (Jenny) was back! (The sad part is I didn't remember what she looked like and thought she was someone new! Blonde moment) She has been very helpful in explaining things to me like when I am getting paid, how we can get me a cell phone, what I need to do for the school and what my schedule is. In other words, I had a great day Wednesday and Thursday. I teach about two to three classes on these days and have lots of time to get other things done. The classes I have are designated as mine and so I have more control over them. I like most of my classes but I have one class on Wednesday which I do not fully enjoy. The class is the older class where I have about three troublemakers in the class that can get on my nerves.

Other than that, I am now told that I need to make a teaching plan for each of my classes and have a daily report after each class to turn in. Eventually I will be reporting on student's progress and turning that in for their parents.

Friday: I taught at the Bolli Campus and had my first Korean lesson with my director. I think it's going to be difficult but I am hoping I will learn fairly soon. I have to have the constants and vowels memorized by Friday.

I taught my seven classes today and this time incorporated new learning activities. It was a lot of fun! My first two classes are really young and they are adorable. One of the kids said, "I love Carol." Then for the first time, I found their Korean English accent adorable! It was when they tried to say the word "turtle." I have now begun to really enjoy teaching some of these kids.

I will eventually put up a video of one of my classes but for now I am trying to get everyone here caught up.

Weekend: I didn't do much. I went downtown with my crew (Meaning Will, Karen and Jill) and we met up with the Brits. We started at Itaewon Crew and then moved to this place called BillBow. It's a mix of Billiards and Bowling! It was quite fun. I ended up staying up late enough to be able t take the subway home at 6 am in the morning. The subway closes at 11:30pm everyday here. Apparently, it is because most people do not ride the subway late at night. I can not believe this.

I checked out a church on Saturday that I may serve at. They were late to meeting me but I told them it was okay. The worship director picked me up and took me to this restaurant where I met two of the members. One of them tried to speak to me but he knew very few English phrases. One of them was "I love Jesus." The church members gave us a ride to the church where I was to meet the pastor. The pastor supposedly lived in the US for seven years and speaks English. The worship director and I went to his office where he was "busy". Inside his office, I am told to sit down. The pastor introduces himself briefly then turns his attention to the worship director and speaks Korean the whole time while I sit there looking at the office. His office walls are covered with books in Korean and English. It's a fairly large room for a pastor but he supposedly needs the room to prepare his sermons.

After they finish talking the pastor gives me a gift. A kitchenware set and two stainless steel mugs. I'm not sure why. The before we leave his office he asks me what denomination I am. I reply that I am nondenominational Christian. He responds with, "Oh...I will pray for you." Then the worship pastor shows me around the church and talks to me about teaching some of the kids English and leading a small group. I am not sure what all this entails and I do not want to commit to anything until I have thought about this. Eventually, after he has shown me around a bit. He gives me written directions to the church and his number and walks me to the subway. He said it had really been a pleasure meeting me and hopes to see me tomorrow at service.

Lets just say I didn't make it to his service the next day. I tried but it didn't work out. I felt slightly bad but I want to know more information about the church from a foreigner. I am trying to get in touch with the Daegu Faith International Church and am hoping they can give me some insight. Until then, we will see what happens.

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