Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Past Week...

My blog will be moving soon to another name because this blog is supposed to be about technology but as you know the last posts have been about my times here in Korea.

Monday & Tuesday: It has come to my attention that my Monday and Tuesday campus wants me to use learning activities or games for the students. I teach a few classes and the other classes I come in and play games. I feel like a clown coming into the party to just entertain the kiddies for awhile and give the parents a rest. I'm starting not to mind though. It's nice being the one that the kids love. I come in and bring fun! I had new games that went well with the little kiddies. This means that I am doing a good job... Tuesday my director wasn't there and they had me teaching some of her classes alone. I just tried to go with the flow and survived.

Wednesday & Thursday: The main campus has really become a lot more enjoyable. Both days I was almost late to my own class. I am finding new ways of teaching the class and am trying to make things more interesting. On Thursday, I got my cell phone! It has taken me awhile to figure out how to use the phone. I have it in English but not everything is in English and I don't have bluetooth! I thought in Korea every phone would have the coolest stuff. Apparently, it's not that different from the U.S. Except I did get headphones with my phone and it did have an MP3 player and such. I have also discovered a new favorite food at all the little marts.

FRIDAY: Here is a video about my weekend and Friday. Let me just say I am starting to really like Korea because of Fridays.

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If that's what I think it is you can get it here at Seven Corners.