Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bike to the Future!

If the gym isn't your place to work out and you don't enjoy running then bike. Unless you're concerned about getting hit by a car. Wait! We have a bike to prevent that from happening!

The Aeris Urban Cycle made by Hope, is the bike of the future. It has "indicators built-in the handle bars" to prevent you from collision or cars cutting you off. (Just wondering, what happened to humans having eyes and ears as their indicators? Last time I checked, I am capable of seeing a car coming at me.) Another feature of the bike is that it is made out of Hybrix, "a material that's supposedly so tough, it's comparable to stainless steel but lighter than aluminium. " (Next, we will start making bikes out of recycled plastic rubber.) The bike will be coming out in the fall for a mere 5k. (Are you kidding me? Why would I spend $5,000 on a bike! Does this mean that bikes are soon going to be the cost of a car?)

I would rather buy a pull wagon and use it like a skateboard than spend that much on a bicycle. Unless, the inventor adds a Knight Rider GPS to the handlebar, a miniature stereo system and cargo space. Then we might be in business. Any other ideas?

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Olly said...

There are plenty of bikes over $5000. Especially the ones made of lightweight metals used in competitions. My friend spent $8000 on his. I don't see the point but then again, I hate bikes - they get in my way.