Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cheap, Easy and Different for Business

This post isn't anything new, fancy or jaw-dropping shocking. I thought I should warn you.
I recently had a discussion with the president of a marketing communications company. After investigating my future aspirations and career interest, he gave me some bloggy advice (Yes, bloggy is a word. I should know because I JUST created it!). His suggestions were great (I'm not telling you what they were. Otherwise, you would steal them.) but what stood out to me was his comment. He told me to keep in mind that he would be reading these posts. Obviously, this doesn't mean I will be censoring my posts or creating dull post subjects. What this suggested to me was to begin sharing some things that the older generation (or less-technically advanced generation. No offense.) may not be aware of or know how to use.

This leads me to Zoho! You may think Google has it all and no other site could offer more open based software than Google. I am sad to tell you that you are incorrect. Zoho has a couple things Google does not. For example, it has business applications (Online Invoicing, CRM, DB and Reporting, etc.)as well as all Google products. You can easily get an account through you're Gmail or Yahoo account.

It can also be seen as a safe alternative. In case someday Google crashes and the world comes to an end. If this happen, I will travel to China and hope they have the cure for Googleitis.

[Picture taken from Larry Hendrick]

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