Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Smell Coupons!

First I wanted to tell everyone about Microsoft's "Mojave Experiment" but since I have been dealing with Vista all day, I thought not.

There are many things to blog about but not enough time to blog about it all. Unless I wanted to hire people to blog for me but then that would take away the enjoyment of doing something. I'm not sure if that made sense. My brain is slowly shutting down as we speak.This is my escape or "lunch break" at my insane temporary job (not insane like fun crazy but the other evil insane).

Getting to the point! Tokyo has introduced a new style of advertising using "Scent-emitting LCD Display system."
It "emits appetizing aromas along with the advertising videos shown on a 42-inch LCD display." It was created by NTT Communications Corp. and began in July. They plan on continuing this experiment until Aug 1st. The video advertises cafes and restaurants in the underground mall of Tokyo Station and in front of the monitor there are coupon books for the restaurants. IN other words, smell the food and pick up a coupon to buy today!

I would be angry by this new advertising because it would make me consistently hungry!

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