Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Updating Ipods cause frustration

I usually don't wait until late in the day to post my blogs. I feel I need to explain what has happened that has occupied my entire morning.


With that being said, my reasoning is that ITunes erases all your music on your Ipod once you update it. I have a 16GB Ipod Touch which is my musical companion. I take it with me everywhere (except into water for obvious reasons). I primarily need it to work out (because without music I can't get pumped up to "feel the burn.")

What happened is, I updated my Ipod Touch from 1.1.3 to the new 1.1.4. Afterwards, all my music was gone from my Ipod + I lost space. The bar at the bottom showed "other"(the orange colored part) to be taking up about 10GB of my storage.
I spent countless hours looking online to find out if anyone knew what was wrong. I couldn't find out anything but I did find someone who had a similar problem. He suggested to go to Setting>Reset on the Ipod. Then hook it up to ITunes and hit Restore. After I completed this, I had a fixed Ipod which now had to be loaded with music. Putting music on my Ipod can take A LOT of time. This is what I have spent all morning doing. If anyone has an Ipod then I warn you to be careful about updating the thing. I don't know how many times I wanted to scream at my musical companion and throw it against the wall. The problem was that I have a soft spot for the little gadget. Regardless of the torture and time consumption it causes, I can't let go of it. If you notice the majority of people have this addiction to Apple products. Look around and you'll notice 95% of the society has an Ipod. Even the elderly have come to accepting the little ear controlling gadget.
You may have to wait until tomorrow for something more interesting or until my Ipod has stopped luring me into it's shiny smooth screen.

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Anonymous said...

You can set iTunes so it will warn you when more than 10% of your iPod will be changed... good for those moments you do something weird.