Thursday, July 31, 2008

YouTube gets Political Video Texting

Speech Recognition technology has been brought to YouTube through it's new political section called YouChoose. (Is it just me or has there been a significant rise in people taking interest in political change. In the last couple of years, the younger generations are getting more involved in voting and bringing about their opinion to the public. It started with youth campaigns, celebrities and the major impacter player . . . . drum roll. . . . viral marketing. Funny how things always come back to the Internet. ) What YouTube is doing is, they are indexing all the words used in the clip of a speech. It's like what Google does with tagging. When you go to "Face the Candidates" link at the bottom right link of the page. It brings you to YouChoose which half way down the page it has a search box that says, “What did the candidates say?” Then you type in whatever concerns you, like "health care", "Iraq" or "gas" that brings up a list of videos that use those terms. When viewing those videos, the "playback bar will also have yellow boxes on it that you can mouse over bringing up a pop-up showing you relevant dialog contained in that section."

Currently, YouTube is limiting recognition to just the YouChoose political videos. We will see if this changes anytime in the future.

This is a great advance in helping people find what they are looking for. Tags put on videos helps to a degree but with this new way of indexing. It could change the way we watch online content. With the more defined searching there is, the more positive and negatives there are. Some viewers will be narrow minded in the content they see but the other side of things is that people won't waste valuable time looking for exactly what they need. Time is money. . .

Other companies attempting this video search is blinkx.
Guess I should start getting politically involved with my blog. . . actually . . . not THAT involved.
[picture taken from Aquate research]

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