Monday, July 28, 2008

Who Let The Dogs Out!?!

I want to know who let the dogs out! Maybe it's not who but . . . what . . .

Finally, Dog owners can have their dogs let themselves out with the Plexidoor Electronic Dog Door. This electronic doggy door automatically opens and closes for your pet. Similar to a garage door, it responds to a signal. Since it can be very difficult to train a dog to press a button to go outside, they created a special waterproof RFID passcode chip that attaches to the collar. When your pet want to be one with nature, they approach the door and the door slides up. Once you animal friend is outside, the door closes and other animals can not infiltrate your home.
For those worried about your pet being hurt by a dog door. The door has an "anti-pinch mechanism that prevents your dog’s paws from getting stuck when the door closes."
If your interested in purchasing this product then you should know it comes in bronze or white and in different sizes (due to obesity being a problem in America). The cost ranges from US$129 at the lowest to US$800 for the largest model.
I wanted to share this with all the people I know who have pets. Every time I visit my parents, I have to let the dog out. NOW! With this product, I will never have to get up off the couch to let me dog out! I can be as lazy as I want! My point is, why have a pet if you only buy electronic devices that take care of it for you.
Responsibility! I end on that note.