Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mobile Partying Gets You Free Drinks

If you are living in or plan on visiting the Metro New York, Jersey Shore, and Hamptons areas then you may want to pay close attention to this post.

Meet Now Live (MNL) is a public beta service that allows users with a "Web-enabled cellphone or mobile device to broadcast their party location of choice -- and receive free drinks in return." you can register for free on their site and then use it to find bars, clubs, lounges or your friends. (What about the free drinks?!?! Where does that come in to play! I'm tired of reading this non-important stuff)

To promote this service, MNL has joined with The Town Tavern, Whistling Dixies Texas Tavern, and Porky's NYC to offer "Free Beer Fridays!" When people "broadcast" their location at these bars to their friends, they receive a "on-screen mobile ticket that grants them the right to unlimited free draft beers." This promotion is not lasting all year long, it's only until Labor Day weekend.

They plan for the service to become popular enough that they will start offering special deals from certain drinking venues specifically to MNL users. In other words they want it to become a mobile social drinking network. Let the drinkers unite!

The problem that I foresee with this is more drunken texting and one night stands. I could be wrong, but phones and drinking seem to always lead to trouble. My other concern is controlling mothers and stalkers. Do we see a similarity with MoSoSo.

Here's the Press Release


Micskill said...

Fucking sweet.

Carolyn said...

Ain't that the truth!