Monday, July 14, 2008

Religion hits Guitar Hero

I was wondering when this would happen. Digital Praise, Inc. has created "Guitar Praise," a inspirational PC (or Mac) guitar game. The game is VERY similar to Guitar Hero but it features 52 inspirational Christian hits from artists like tobyMac,Newsboys, Petra, 12 Stones, Plumb, Thousand Foot Krutch, Relient K, and more. The game can be one player or two player and the object of the game is "matching the notes to the fret buttons on the guitar controller." (Very similar to Guitar Hero and Rock Band). There are four levels of difficulty and:

"New songs, in sets of five, are unlocked along the way to keep the player's
interest. By tilting the guitar, players can activate spinner bonuses; as they
increase their skills they can earn new onscreen"guitars" with richer sounds and
different effects."

In other words, this is EXACTLY like Guitar Hero but for Christians. The big difference is you are using a computer for the game and not a gaming system like Wii, PlayStation or XBox. I like the idea but I'd rather it be offered on a gaming system. If the company was smart then they would team up with Harmonix. They would be able to get more publicity for the product and gain more interest from the public. There is a huge niche market for religion affiliated products. Too bad it won't come out in stores until September 25, 2008 and will cost about $100.
The future is unlimited as to what this product could become! What I really think is that it's a great idea that needs to be built upon.
What could happen next with this product?!? Anyone could become a praise team! Who needs church choirs when you have Guitar Praise?!?! Will the be a Praise Rock Band?!?! The next generation of churches will be led by Praise Rockers known for their top scores and gnarly looking digi rockers! (digi rockers is my new definition of the digital people created in Rock band). What does thou think?

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Jeremy said...

There's precedent here. Hardware manufacturers are absolutely loathe to go after religious companies. Exhibit A: Bible Adventures for the NES.

What's different now is the exorbitant development costs for consoles. Better that it stay on the PC and you just buy a USB adapter for a PS2 controller.

And $100 bucks for a version that's simply not as good as the real Guitar Hero? Come on. I bet Bible Adventures was a bargain bin game.