Friday, July 18, 2008

Water to Bomb Alarm Clocks

I think inventing unique alarm clocks is becoming an obsession. Some obsessions can eventually create great products but some are just darn insane.

The first new alarm clock known as Bedol Wave Wall Clock runs on water. The clock is "powered by electrodes immersed in water that extract energy from compound particles." It's not available until August 15, 2008 and will cost about $19 and save you the cost of electricity. If we can make a alarm clock run off of water then why can't we do the same with cars?!?

[Via Cool Hunting]

That alarm clock is a lot better than this! Blast awake your sleepyhead! (I think that's catchy! They should use that as their slogan!) It's the Time Bomb Alarm Clock!

This alarm clock reminds me of the days where Road Runner would fool the Coyote. Are we sure this clock isn't made by ACME? (They could feature a commercial with the alarm clock in the cartoon movie of Peter Pan where Hook is scared of the ticking noise in the alligator. Do you know what I'm talking about?)

The alarm clock ticks before it goes off and to diffuse the bomb you must pull the fuse on the top.

You can get this Alarm clock for $40 at (perfect gift for friends and family!)

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