Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cars Say RUN Red Lights!

We have cars built with the capability to support our crazy technological lifestyle. Now, it can support our crazy driving style! Audi is running a pilot program that will inform drivers of the speed needed to catch a green light.

Experimentation with the product has begun in Ingolstadt, Germany on 50 traffic lights. The traffic lights are equipped with sensors that beam information to specially equipped whips. The network of "smart" signals adapt to traffic patterns "to deliver optimum light switching."
It does more! It gives drivers a "heads-up" to help them catch the light. The object
of helping motorists get through lights are to cut down on idling / pollution / road rage.
You can guess what is going to happen when people get pulled over by running red lights. "I'm sorry officer, but my car told me to do it!" I know I will definitely be using that excuse on the pavement and in court. Try to stop me now, Coppa! (Coppa is slang for Cop, I think.)

[Image courtesy of NOLA]

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